Ensuring the Safety of Your Construction Site

Excavation and Shoring Services in Southern California

SHORING AND EXCAVATION specialize in detailed excavation, subgrade preparation, bulk fills, and ecologically sensitive work. It’s essential to create a safe work site to decrease the risk of injuries to your workers and the public. Prevent collapses and ensure the safety of your project’s construction site with our excavation and shoring services in Southern California. Our knowledgeable workers will go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are delighted. We guarantee that our services are of the highest possible standard.

Workers Working At A Construction Site

What We Do

Our company provides various services. Our commercial and residential excavation shoring helps you meet the demands of job costing, access, and speed of installation. Aside from shoring and excavating, we also do grading, excavation, and demolition work.
Workers Laying Foundation At Construction

Safety Your Client and Workers Deserve

A safe and secure environment helps reduce injury and illness expenses, increase productivity and quality, and boost employee morale—and we can help you achieve it.
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Delivering Great Results

Add a few years and a lot of engineering and preparation to the mix to deliver excellent quality and incredible results.
Our company does excavation, shoring, grading, and demolition work. Learn more about our work here.

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